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 Whether your very special occasion
is a birthday, wedding, reunion, or learning experience....
What better lesson, what better theme,
what could be more fun than


 Come and have this magical place all to yourselves.
“It’s absolutely and reliably, indisputable and undeniably” FUN!

 Over The Rainbow (and atop Beech Mountain, NC) is a pure and magical private park and garden that is now being offered for such grand events. There’s a fountain and patio for picnicking and pondering. There are overlooks for looking over, gazebos for gazing, Dorothy’s house for dreaming and The Yellow Brick Road with challenges and enchantments, confirming that life’s journey is best traveled with friends!

With private tours and small parties starting as low as $250,
we’ll gladly work with you to
“Make the dreams that you dare to dream” really come true.

Rent Dorothy's House

Private Parties, Weddings, & Tours:
Offered by reservation only.

From June through October, we offer tours and smaller parties/events on the grounds of Land of OZ. A guided stroll and/or birthday takes about 2.5-3 hours. You'll be lead through Kansas, Dorothy's house and down the Yellow Brick Road. Then we'll give your group an hour or so for you to have your picnic or photo time. Priced at $250 for up to 20 people, week days and $450 for up to 20 people on Saturday. You may have additional people, we just charge $12/person extra during the week and $20/person on Saturday. To have Dorothy Gale join your event, add $100. (It's well worth it!)

For weddings the pricing is the same, but we figure on 4ish hours. It is suggested that you include renting Dorothy's house for dressing and bathroom, and it is the centerpiece of the party. Add $200/night for that. Couples often choose to marry at the Fountain of Youth patio, or at the Overlook Gazebo, or somewhere along the Yellow Brick Road. Reception/dining can be in Dorothy's farmyard or at the Fountain. We have a 20x20 tent that can be rented for $200; and we also work with Boone Rentals for tables, chairs, accessories. We prefer your event be winding down by or shortly after dark. Certainly you may select your own caterer and bring your own adult beverages.

The Land of OZ is an outdoor venue, at a higher elevation of 5500 ft., the weather can be "blustery". We consider the private grounds "an antique", somewhat delicate, and the private neighborhood that it is within is quiet. For these reasons, events of 100ish or less guests work well and those attending need to be of a fairly healthy disposition. The grounds are not stroller or wheelchair accessible, unfortunately.

We hope this helps with your planning.

*Sales taxes will be added.

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